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About Us

A Little about who we are, what we do, and what are our areas of expertise. We keep our customers happy and tension free regarding disposal of all kinds of waste.
About Us

We Have 8 Years Of Experience In Disposal Service

Dotless is one of the leading service providers of all kinds of Waste Management, medical waste, drainage water, and wastewater removal services in the UAE. If you have anything, hazardous or non-hazardous that needs to be hauled off and disposed of according to the Dubai Municipality laws and regulations, we are the company to call. No matter what size, or condition, we will handle it for you.

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We are the Best Waste Management Company in UAE.

No matter what size, or condition, we will handle it for you. Solids, sludge, and liquids — quantity is no issue. It’s that simple! As one of Dubai’s best choices in both biohazard waste disposal and hazardous waste disposal companies, rely on DotLess for all of your waste management services

Our Values

Commitment to our customers and society.
Dialogue and transparency for all parties.
Obeying the law. Commitment to sustainability.
Compliance with occupational health and safety rules.
Initiative and continuous improvement.

Our Mission

To provide society and our clients solutions and proper work to implement environmental commitments in a safe, efficient and responsible manner.

Our Vision

To be a leader in environmental recovery and conservation, as part of our commitment to providing comprehensive and permanent sustainable solutions to environmental issues faced by our customers and society.

Quick Response and Superior Service
We provide superior customer service and response to our customers’ needs. One of our experienced staff members is always available to answer questions or solve a problem. You will always speak to a real person when you call, not a long recording of undesired options.

Simple, Worry free, No-Hassle Service

At All Medical waste, Wastewater and Pest Control we make it easy. We offer several ways to order service – you can call it in, email, or order on the web. Whatever you choose will be simple and won’t waste your valuable time. We do the work, so you don’t have to.

Competitive Pricing and Unsurpassed Value

One of our goals is to save our customers money. On average, customers see 20% or more significant cost savings. Combined with our high level of service, we’re the best value in the industry.

Experience Matters

We take great care in ensuring all of our staff are trained and experienced in what we do. We will ensure there is no waiting around for answers. One of our experienced staff members will be able to solve any problem you might be having promptly and professionally. We will be there in person or on the phone when you need us.


We pride ourselves on giving 100% to our customers every time. From the newest customer to the oldest, from our biggest client to our smallest, we guarantee that all our customers receive the highest level of service every time.

We Provide the best waste pickup service for your home or business

Everybody in Dubai knows the DotLess Waste Management Services currently has over 8 years in the field around Dubai, including Medical Waste and Wastewater and Pest Control Services.