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Medical Waste

Medical Waste Collection service in Dubai

Dotless is the leading medical waste collection company in dubai, we have years of experience in the field of medical waste collection in dubai. Eventually, Medical waste is described as waste which comes from healthcare activities or within a hospital, clinic or laboratory and can create a danger to humans and the environment. In Dubai there are a lot of rules and regulations when it’s come to storage, removal and disposal of Medical waste. It must be accurately packaged, handled and disposed individually to other waste.
As leading specialists in medical waste disposal in dubai, we have build a guide to medical waste, Our medical waste collection vehicles, are operated by highly experienced and trained employees who follow to all required safety and hygiene standards of dubai municipality medical waste standards.
It is very important to understand the different kinds of medical waste and separate them as per Dubai municipality medical waste standards, in order to protect human and environment, and to dispose of the waste safely and effectively. All kinds of medical waste require different disposal methods to make sure that any infectious substance cannot spread to other areas.

Some of the most known medical waste described by Dubai Health authority are listed below

General Medical waste: The bulk of the most medical waste, Blood and items visibly soiled with blood, contaminated waste from patients with transferable infectious illness incontinence wear/nappies from patients with familiar or suspected enteric Items

Laboratory waste

Specimens and possible contiguous waste from pathology departments

Radioactive waste materials in excess of authorized clearance levels are classified as radioactive.

Clinical waste

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