How do Dubai manage and deal with wastewater collection in dubai? We have the answer, Dubai has many ways of managing its wastewater, first and important way of managing sewage water throh underground system which cover almost all part of dubai, second way of managing sewage water is by sewage truck or sewage tanker.


Dotless is the leading wastewater collection and transporting company in dubai, we transport sewage water through sewage tankers, when we get a call from individual or company to remove sewage water from there premises our team will reach the location in matter of time and collect wastewater and disposal to dubai municipality approved plant in Jebel ali (Jebel ali Sewage treatment plant – STP), we have number of sewage collection tankers with us to serve any time in dubai 


We have sewage tankers 5,000 and 10,000 gallon, which is available 24 hours, we are the leading waste management company in dubai which have dubai municipality approval for sewage or wastewater collection, we have experienced labourers who know how to deal with wastewater problems, all our employees are well trained