Trade waste water collection and disposal service in dubai 

Dtless is a leader in the field of trade water transportation and its disposal in Dubai. Dotless sewage and waste water collection company offers a full range of services including removal, transportation and disposal. With years of experience in liquid waste collection and disposal, we are currently one of the most trusted companies in Dubai. For collection and disposal we are using both 5,000 and 10,000 sewage tankers

Trade waste water disposal required permission from dubai municipality, after the clint got approval to dispose trade waste water you can call us

Please see the process of getting an disposal permit from dubai municipality

  • Call a laboratory

First step is to call any private laboratory in Dubai to test your waste water. There are quite a few laboratories in dubai who are approved by dubai municipality to test your waste water. please see the list of companies who do sewage water testing

Wimpey Laboratories

URS Testing Laboratory LLC

  • Open an account in Dubai municipality website

After you receive the test result from the laboratory  you can create an account in dubai municipality and submit the necessary document including your waste water test report . please follow the link below to get more details about it

  • Yes. You got disposal permit 

After get Dubai municipality trade waste water disposal permit you can Call us right away, we will go through the permission and make sure it’s coming under trade waste water

  • Collection and Disposal

Now it’s our turn to collect your trade waste water from your premises and dispose to dubai municipality sewage treatment plant with Municipality rules and regulation