Grease traps are the most productive way of stopping oil, fats, and grease from entering your drainage system. Cleaning of a grease trap is an important part of any kind of kitchen here in Dubai eg.  hotels kitchen, pubs kitchen, restaurants kitchen, commercial kitchens as Dubai municipality is very strict about getting clean grease traps with a municipality approved grease trap company. Grease trap acts as a filter to separate liquid grease suspensions and food waste to blocked drains. Dotless is the leading grease trap cleaning service in Dubai. We are always available to clean your grease trap system so that the wastewater flows free. Making sure grease traps clear will reduce nasty smells and the chance of blockages in the future as well as getting fine from Dubai municipality.

Dotless expert team can clean your grease traps, getting rid of all the grime to leave your grease trap system clear so the water can flow smoothly. All grease traps require regular service and removal of accumulated waste for disposal and grease trap also know as fat trap maintenance is a crucial part of effective grease control in any drainage systems Dubai Municipality is required to see evidence that cleaning of the grease trap has been performed and grease trap waste that has been removed and disposed of by a registered company. Dotless provide you with a  maintenance schedule as per the Dubai municipality standard and a certificate that your company can submit for any kind of DM inspection

Dotless Grease trap cleaning service specializes in grease trap cleaning using top-class vacuum machines and grease trap tankers as per Dubai Municipality Requirement .we are available anywhere in Dubai  Grease Trap cleaning can be carried out at any time of day of the week to suit your time. will make sure that grease trap removal services do not interfere with the day-to-day commercial activity of your business. Our experienced grease trap service includes emptying and cleaning of the entire contents of the grease trap unit.


How often grease trap need to get clean

It’s depend on the usage of your kitchen usually it happen twice a month or once a month, it completely depend on the client requirement 

After removing grease trap from my company where is grease trap cleaning company disposing the removed grease

Grease trap cleaning companies have to install GPS tracking devices to there truck to locate and monitor their tankers in Dubai to make sure grease which collected from restaurant or kitchen has disposed in a proper manner in only recycling plant approved by the Dubai Municipality

Is it alright if i clean my grease trap with a company which does not have Dubai municipality approval

No its not allowed to clean your grease trap with an unregistered company, they won’t able to give you a job compilation certificate which you need to submit to dubai municipality as per DM requirement, so make sure you call the right company to clean your grease trap 

Does dotless approved by dubai municipality

Of Course, we have all approval from dubai municipality to dispose Grease trap, Dotless is the leading waste management company in dubai, expect grease trap cleaning we are doing medical waste collection, sewage water collection, drainage waste water collection, trade waste water collection and hazardous waste water collection as well