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Rodent Control service in Dubai

Rodents (rats and mice) are a main hassle that influences many homes. Our homes are very appealing to them due to the fact they offer them the whole lot they need: food, water and safe haven. Not most effective do rodents unfold ailment and contaminate food, additionally they damage your house. Rodents have to constantly gnaw their enamel to save them from developing too long. They gnaw via anything, so whilst noises are heard at the roof, partitions or below the house, now no longer most effective do they nest, however they are able to gnaw via water pipes, plaster, heating and air conduits , electric cables and piping. Every year, homes are broken by way of means of water and fires are due to rodent infestations.At DotLess Pest Control, we’re going to deal with your house with our precise multi-dose powder bait. We will cowl rodent access factors and safe haven regions at some point of your roof void and eave line outside wall cavities subfloor (except your house is on a slab of concrete) indoor safe haven regions burrows The motive we use this multi-dose remedy method, and now no longer the conventional single-feed bait system, is to hold your own circle of relatives and pets secure With most effective one bait, the chance of secondary poisoning is higher. This can appear whilst your pets eat useless rodents tormented by the single bait or if the rodents chunk a number of the bait to take it lower back to the nest to feed the young, they are probably fearful of your puppy or of your hen and drop the bait into it. an area reachable for your youngsters and pets. Rest confident that after we contend with your house, we continually offer a secure, own circle of relatives-pleasant and puppy-pleasant manipulation methods.

DotLess Pest Control Rodent Treatment Comes with a

  • Fast same day or next day service
  • We offer safe, family friendly control methods
  • Trained and certified technicians available
  • Comprehensive treatments to control rodent infestations!

frequently asked questions

Rodents thrive in a variety of areas, particularly in urban environments. In residential properties they live in wall cavities, cupboards, boxes, furniture and burrows in gardens. Commercial properties are always a target especially where there is waste and open pastures. They can affect any type of business even if it’s clean and tidy as the conditions inside and outside the premises play an important role.

Rodents are nocturnal animals, so they are most active between dusk and dawn. They don’t like bright lights. Seeing them during the day can be a sign of a large infestation, as they are competing for food. A mouse can slip through a hole the size of a pencil; or gnaw an opening until it is big enough. They are athletic creatures! A mouse can jump 13 inches high, plus run along wires, cables and ropes.

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