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Top Dubai Municipality-Approved Wastewater Testing Labs

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Dubai Municipality has stringent quality standards when it comes to wastewater management, and ensuring that these standards are met is crucial for the well-being of residents and the environment. Fortunately, there are several private laboratories in Dubai that have been approved by Dubai Municipality to conduct wastewater testing. These laboratories play a vital role in helping industries maintain water quality and environmental compliance. Here are five accredited laboratories that you can rely on for wastewater testing services:

1. Wafa Biological Laboratory L.L.C

WAFA, which stands for Water Air Food Analytics, is dedicated to serving industries that provide pure water, air, and food to residents and guests worldwide. Their periodic test results ensure that quality standards are consistently maintained.
Learn more: https://wafalabs.com/

Contact: 04 320 9225, Email: info@wafalabs.com

2. URS Testings Laboratory LLC

URS Testing Laboratory LLC is accredited for ISO 17025 with EIAC (DAC) and approved by the Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS) in Abu Dhabi. Their laboratory is located in Jebel Ali, Dubai.
Learn more: https://urslabs.com/

Contact: 04 883 7115, Email: info@urslabs.com

3. Testhub Laboratories LLC

Testhub is located in Jebal Ali Industrial Area, Dubai, UAE. Their well-trained analytical professionals offer comprehensive testing solutions and support for various industries, including food, dietary, nutritional, environmental, cosmetics, and personal care.
Learn more: https://www.testhublab.com/

Contact: +971 56 990 6509, Email: info@testhublab.com

4. Falcon Laboratory LLC

Falcon Laboratory LLC is accredited with the Dubai Municipality through the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC). They comply with all Dubai Law No. 02/2010 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and experienced professionals, they deliver services in line with international standards.
Learn more: https://www.falconlabuae.com/

Contact: 04 221 2333, Email: info@falconlabuae.com

5. Core Laboratory

Core Laboratory is a leading provider of critical analytical support services to both public and private sector clients in Dubai. Through strategic investments in technology and infrastructure, they have become a prominent environmental testing company.
Learn more: https://www.corelab.org/

Contact: 04 885 2626, Email: mail@corelab.org

6. Al Hoty Stanger Laboratories

Al Hoty-Stanger Ltd. is a limited liability company registered in Saudi Arabia and trading since 1975 when the Company was awarded its first contract with Saudi Aramco. The British company associated with forming the Saudi-British partnership, Harry Stanger Ltd., was established in 1874.

Learn more: https://www.alhotystangeruae.com/

Contact: 04 347 2201, Email : alhoty@alhotystanger.ae

7. Water Bird Water Treatment Chemicals L.L.C

WBCBL offers an expert quality testing for all type of water samples. WBCBL tests are incorporated with latest auto analytical / instrument technique to provide precise and accurate results to our vide customers. All of the chemical and microbiological analyses are performing as per any of the internationally accepted protocols such as WHO, BS, APHA, ISO, EPA, GSO and all other local order from regulatory bodies – Dubai Municipality, Abu Dhabi Municipality etc.

Learn more: https://www.waterbirdwtc.com/laboratory/

Contact: 04 3405961, Email : info@waterbirdwtc.com

8. Geo-Chem Middle East

With a state-of-the-art laboratory and full-fledged office operations in Dubai, Geo-Chem’s presence in the UAE is further underpinned by a dedicated lab and office in Fujairah, the world’s second-largest bunking location.

In addition to its core strengths of undertaking accurate and punctual inspection and testing services for a wide array of petroleum products, chemicals, water, waste water, vegetable oil, and agricultural products, Geo-Chem Middle East also specialises in environmental testing, bunker fuel testing, finished product testing, microbiological testing.

Learn more: https://www.geochemglobal.com

Contact: 04 8867400, Email : sales@geochemglobal.com

These accredited laboratories in Dubai are at the forefront of ensuring the quality and compliance of wastewater management. Whether you are in the industrial, environmental, or food sector, these labs are equipped to provide the testing and analytical support you need to meet Dubai Municipality’s standards and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

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