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What is the Process of medical waste disposal in Dubai

Waste Management

Medical waste is not a normal waste which can throughout like regular garbage, in dubai dubai municipality has made some rules and regulation for how to dispose Medical waste. Especially in the time of COVID-19 there are lot of people looking for an option to dispose medical waste, this is how medical waste should dispose

Separate medical waste from regular waste

The first step is make medical waste separate from any other kind of waste, there is special type of yellow colour medical waste bag which is available with any medical waste company, you can give us a call to get yellow bag, you should always use yellow colore medical waste bag, most important part is keep separate from other waste

Sign a contract with Dubai municipality approved medical waste management company

Signing a contract with a medical waste company is the most important part, if you own a clinic or hospital it doesn’t matter you have to make a contract with dubai municipality approved medical waste company, we are the leading medical waste company in dubai who can collect medical waste. Give us a call now to get start your medical waste management in dubai


The last process is medical waste transportation, for this process you just have to give us a call, we will take care of the rest. our trained employees can manage any kind of medical waste and our vehicle is have the facility to manage any amount of waste

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