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Why medical waste management in Schools are important

Waste Management
Medical waste

As a new school year approaches, schools should revisit their medical waste procedures. Schools serving students of all ages provide some degree of medical and safety services, generating medical waste.  Whether you dispense medications, perform first-aid, or offer on-campus health services; you will need to safely handle and dispose of medical waste materials.

Medical waste should not be mixed with regular trash and must be disposed of according to local regulations. Medications and potentially infectious materials pose a risk for anyone who may come across them, especially children. Learn more about medical waste produced in schools and proper handling below.

Waste Materials Produced in Schools

School nurses’ offices and on-site clinics will handle a variety of waste materials. Understanding waste classifications will help you properly handle and dispose of each category. It is important for all staff members to be trained in dealing with bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials (OPIMs) to keep your staff and students safe.

Infectious Waste

Infectious waste is a waste product that consists of pathogens or micro organism that would unfold disorder or motive harm. This consists of any substances infected with blood, physical fluids, and sharps. Infectious waste must continually be treated with the ideal non-public protecting equipment (PPE) and according to OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard.

Contaminated gadgets in faculties generally come from treating accidents which include skinned knees, insect bites or stings, and bloody noses. Staff must understand the way to take care of those conditions and effectively acquire substances in crimson biohazard waste luggage and sturdy, sealable containers. Red luggage is without problems diagnosed to keep away from unsuitable management and publicity.


Sharps encompass any clinical object that may prick, cut, or penetrate the skin, inflicting harm and/or probably spreading disorder. Sharps are normally utilized in faculties to deal with college students with diabetes and allergies. They should be disposed of in an authorized sharps box with a locking lid. Containers must by no means be overfilled and should be eliminated and emptied on everyday basis.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical waste comes from leftover or expired medicinal drugs. Most faculties administer medicinal drugs to college students and could want a gadget to do away with waste. Prompt elimination of prescribed drugs facilitates keeping away from any chance of ingestion or publicity on your college students.

College & University Medical Waste

Colleges and universities take care of clinical waste on a bigger scale with on-campus fitness facilities and clinical getting-to-know programs.

Medical Colleges

Medical schools teach college students in nursing programs, clinical diploma programs, dental programs, and veterinary programs. Through the path of having a look at clinical waste is produced.

Lab cultures, shares of infectious agents, animal parts, tissues, fluids, and sharps waste are generated in coaching laboratories. Depending on how every waste substance is classified, will decide the way it has to be treated and disposed of.

Campus Health Centers

On-campus EMS and fitness facilities produce clinical waste much like some other medical institutions or clinical facilities. They are concerned with equal guidelines and rules while eliminating clinical waste. All clinical waste has to be segregated on the factor of technology and positioned withinside the right container.

Find Medical Waste Disposal for Your School with Dotless Medical Waste

Dotless Medical Waste offers free quotes for all kinds of medical waste. Contact us by calling +971 58 609 8520 or sales@dotless.ae.

We will send you free quotes. Our experts will be happy to review your current medical waste procedures and help you build a safe plan for the coming school year. Together, we will make sure that your school maintains compliance and that your campus is safe.


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