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Covid-19 and Medical Waste

Waste Management

Do you know why medical waste has increased in recent years more than ever in Dubai?

The biggest and only reason is Coronavirus. Owing to covid 19, the medical services has expanded which led the medical waste to rise all over the world.

This virus had outspread over the whole globe and trapped the countries one by one including UAE in its perilous net. Although the first case of covid-19 appeared in January 2020 in UAE and till April there was 350 tons of medical waste with the rate of 5 to 6 tons per day which were produced by Covid-19 and it was effectively dealt by Dubai Municipality.

There are various kinds of waste and medical waste is one of those kinds. The medical waste includes; used syringes with and without needles, bandages, masks, gloves, paper towels, wipes, and expired or discarded medicines. And during Coronavirus, it has increased further because doctors and nurses were using personal protective equipment including gloves, masks, gowns, gloves, and other medical supplies which were being thrown out immediately as medical waste after one-time usage.

Additionally, medical waste is broadly classified as any substance that comes into contact with human body fluids. It is particularly, any solid waste that is produced in the diagnosis and treatment of humans. Earlier such type of waste was treated similarly to other garbage which caused the spread of diseases, viruses, and outbreaks. But now this kind of hazardous waste is first separated from the common waste and is put in yellow bags which are only reserved for this waste.

Today, the red biohazardous containers and bags are seen throughout hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices which are used to safely remove sharps, dressings with small amounts of blood and bodily fluids, needles, and IV catheters that contain any human blood or bodily fluids.

Worldwide, there is growing concern regarding the negative effects of hazardous medical waste produced during the Covid-19 pandemic. The same case was with Dubai when all this pandemic had begun. Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, had said that the waste treatment procedure is the most vital stage in the sustainable waste management system.

Therefore, Dubai municipality thought to avoid health and environmental negative impacts by taking immediate measures of activating the medical waste management companies in Dubai to make sure medical waste is managed safely and in an environmentally sound manner.

Dubai Municipality had come up with a plan for treating the emerging mammoth medical waste in Dubai. During covid-19, Dubai municipality had made strict rules and regulations to make people aware of how to dispose of perilous medical waste because it is not similar to prevalent garbage of households. Medical waste requires great care and vigilance while being disposed of, therefore, there are specialized Medical waste companies in Dubai approved by Dubai Municipality which manage medical waste with proper procedures and carefulness.

Doteless Hazardious Waste Collection & Transport L.L.C is one of those waste management corporations including providing services for disposing of precarious medical rubbish. This company is considered a top medical waste management company in Dubai which has been rendering its services for years within the boundaries of Dubai

How does this company dispose of the medical waste?

Following is the procedure for disposing of threatening medical waste by Dotless corporation:

  • Separate medical waste from the regular waste

The very first step followed by this company is to segregate medical waste from other General waste. For only medical waste, this company uses yellow bags in order to disparate medical waste from regular garbage. It becomes very necessary to separate unsafe medical waste from other kinds of waste because medical waste causes the worst health conditions.

  • Sign a contract with Medical waste management company

It is necessary to sign a contract with a Dubai Municipality-approved Medical waste management company. Since medical waste is seriously hazardous, hence, its management should be handed over to these specialist companies. If you own a clinic or hospital then you need to sign a contract with a medical waste management company in order to safely dispose of hazardous medical waste. Dotless is one of the best options you can choose when it comes to medical waste management

  • Transportation of Medical waste

You need to contact the Medical waste management company which you made contact to collect, then they will haul off the medical waste from your home, clinic, or hospital. Dotless company has specialist employees who know the expertise of carrying medical waste out of public places with immense care and alertness.

There is no doubt that the escalation of medical waste in the entire sphere was brought about by Covid-19. The complete planet was suffering from the virus and another challenge came across of maintaining medical waste. Where all countries’ waste management bodies were in action at the same moment Dubai’s municipality’s approved waste management companies were active in Dubai.

Among all those companies, there is one of the best waste management companies in Dubai called Dotless: Waste Management Services which continuously provided its services during pandemics. To handle the massive medical waste collection in Dubai, this company was fighting on the front line.

This company is mostly recommended for Waste Management in Dubai because it has some specialties which differentiate it from its competitors. It handles any quantity of waste, manages all types of waste, offers 24*7 services, and is ready for all emergency cases. Additionally, it uses 3R (Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle) procedure for waste management.

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