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How To Dispose Expired Pharmaceutical Devices in Dubai

Waste Management

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, the proper disposal of expired pharmaceutical devices is a critical aspect not only for environmental sustainability but also for maintaining public health and safety. In Dubai, where adherence to regulations and environmental responsibility is paramount, Dotless Waste Management Services emerges as a reliable solution for the disposal of expired pharmaceutical devices.

I. MOH Approval

If you are requesting approval or initiating the process for the disposal of expired medical devices with the Ministry of Health (MOH), here are the steps you may consider:

  1. Documentation Preparation: Gather all necessary documents related to the waste you intend to dispose of. This may include details on the type and quantity of waste, safety data sheets, and any other relevant paperwork.
  2. Contact MOH Representatives: Reach out to the designated contact persons or departments within the Ministry of Health responsible for waste disposal. This information can usually be found on the official MOH website or by contacting their main office.
  3. Submission of Request: Prepare a formal letter or request outlining the details of your medical waste disposal needs. Clearly state the type of waste, the quantity, and any specific requirements or regulations you are aware of.
  4. Attach Required Documents: Ensure that all necessary documents are attached to your request. This may include permits, licenses, or any other paperwork requested by the MOH.
  5. After MOH Approval client should take approval from Dubai Municipality called WDS Permit.


II. WDS Permit

Applying for a WDS permit through the Dubai Municipality portal involves several steps. Please note that the process might be subject to updates, and it’s essential to check the official Dubai Municipality website or contact their relevant department for the most accurate and current information. Here is a general guide:

Create an Account:

    • Visit the official Dubai Municipality website.
    • Create an account on the portal if you don’t have one. This typically involves providing your basic information and creating login credentials.


1. Log In to the Portal:

Log in to your account on the Dubai Municipality portal using the provided username and password.

2. Openhttps://www.dm.gov.ae/

Login or signup in DM Portal



3. Click Services -> All Services -> Business Services


4. Click->Waste


5. Click -> Apply for a permit to dispose Hazardous and Commercial waste collection.


6. Click->New Permit – Fill all the Mandatory Fields*


7. Click Application type -> No affection plan

8. Click Community -> Full Dubai


9. Click Transporter Name -> Select your waste transporter name from the Dropdown


10. Select the details mentioned below:-

Waste Type            – Other Waste

Package Type         – Jumbo bag

Total Weight           – AS Per MOH Approved weight needs to be mentioned.

Waste Description – Expired Pharmaceutical Devices

Source                      – From Clinic or Pharmacy

Remarks – There are NO aerosol/pressurized containers, NO e-wastes, NO flammable chemicals, and NO reactive material.

11. Upload – Need to Upload MOH Permit and expired pharmaceutical device images with clear quality in one PDF File, then click submit



In the realm of pharmaceutical waste management, Dotless Waste Management Services stands out as a reliable partner committed to ethical, compliant, and environmentally responsible disposal practices. By adhering to these recommendations, pharmaceutical establishments in Dubai can contribute to a safer, healthier, and more sustainable community while entrusting the disposal of expired devices to a trusted and experienced service provider. Similar steps to be followed to apply for a WDS permit for disposing of Expired medicines.

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