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How To Dispose of Expired Medicine in Dubai

Waste Management
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Dotless Waste Management Services is one of Dubai’s leading service providers of expired medicine collections.

Request Medication Disposal: –

This service allows healthcare facilities to apply for CDs, SCDs, and general medications disposal which enables tracking, checking, and inspection of Expired drugs and medical products to ensure the safety and competent delivery of pharmaceutical services.

Service Steps: –

  • Click the below-mentioned link and download fill the form and send email it to Drugcontrol@dha.gov.ae                      
  • DHA review of the request form
  • Inspection visits to audit the drugs to be disposed of within 5 working days of receiving the request.
  • Receive DHA approval based on the inspection visit.
  • Contact any of the Dubai Municipality Approved Pharmaceutical waste collection team ( We Dotless Waste Management Services is the one of the leading expired medicine disposal company in Dubai)
  • After DHA Approval client should take approval from Dubai Municipality its called WDS Permit.
  • Send Pharmaceutical Waste Collection Certificate via e-mail within 30 days of the inspector’s visit.


How to get WDS Permit from Dubai Municipality: –

Step 1:-

Open – https://www.dm.gov.ae/

Login or signup in DM Portal

dubai municipality portal login page

Step 2:-

Services ->Business Services

dubai municipality website Service page.

Step 3:-


dubai municipality website business service page


Step 4:-

Click —-> Apply for a permit to dispose Hazardous and Commercial waste collection.

dubai municipality website waste page 


Step 5:-
Click->New Permit
Fill all the Mandatory Fields

dubai municipality hazardous waste disposal 

Step 6:-

Waste Type            – Other Waste

Package Type         – Jumbo bag

Total Weight           – AS Per DHA Approved weight needs to be mentioned.

Waste Description – Expired Medicine

Source                      – From Clinic or Pharmacy

Remark – There are NO aerosol/pressurized containers, NO e-wastes, NO flammable chemicals, and NO reactive material.

dubai municipality medical waste disposal form

Step 7:-
Final Step – Need to Upload DHA Permit and expired medicine images with clear quality in one PDF File    then click submit

dubai municipality medical waste management online application form

WDS Permit Valid 3 Months from the date of approval.


Sample WDS Permit

Sample WDS Permit image


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