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COVID-19: Medical Waste Management in Dubai

Waste Management

Medical waste is one of the most talked-about issues nowadays, keeping the current pandemic in front of us. According to EPE, we can define medical waste as,

“Subset of wastes generated at health care facilities, such as hospitals, physicians’ offices, dental practices, blood banks, and veterinary hospitals/clinics, as well as medical research facilities and laboratories.”

The reason behind it being the most talked-about issue is that it can act in either way, risky or non-risky. Medical wastes mostly contain materials or micro-organisms that can be a source of infection for the people in hospitals, the health workers, and the general public. The other major problem is that many drug-resistant organisms may spread and this may result in the medicines being ineffective for the people.

Coming to the point that medical wastes can be risky and non-risky as well. The risky waste is the one that can be a source of infection, while the non-risky is the harmless one.

Waste management in Dubai is one of the rising issues. For this purpose, there are several waste management companies in Dubai that are working and providing their services in regard to medical waste collection in Dubai. Recent research has revealed that millions of people worldwide die being the subject of the diseases that originated from these medical wastes. This is a very disturbing factor that is why some of the best waste management companies Like Dotless waste Management services are providing their services in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to resolve this issue in a quick manner. The waste management systems include the segregation of medical waste, collection of medical waste, disposing of medical waste, the transportation of medical waste, and the reuse and minimization of medical waste.

Dotless is one of the leading medical waste management companies in Dubai and they are working day night in order to reduce the harms related to medical waste. Their major task is to minimize medical waste and collect the waste related to medical tasks and dispose of them in a correct manner and raise awareness among the public in order to keep them safe from such infections.

The most important issue nowadays that is rising in Dubai is the medical waste related to covid-19. We all know that covid-19 is a highly contagious virus and can spread through any physical contact with the virus. Keeping all these things in mind we have to be extremely careful about ourselves and take the maximum precautions to keep ourselves and our families safe from covid-19. The vaccination process is on its peak all around the world and millions of people get vaccinated every day. So, the waste management problem that arises here is the disposal of used vaccines. We cannot afford to take risks at this time where covid-19 has another layer waiting to attack us. The Delta variant of coronavirus is now ready to jump into the world and challenge the action of vaccine. This is not acceptable at all to ignore the medical wastes in these conditions.

The vaccines include blood remains and several other contagious materials that can be dangerous for the public as well as the health care staff. This is a major issue that needs to be resolved immediately, this is the purpose of Dotless Medical waste management, as the leading company of medical waste management in Dubai. It is working as a Dubai Municipality Approved Medical Waste Management company. So, in order to reduce the risk of covid-19 delta variant to spread like the previous three waves, one of the major things that we have to do is keep the medical waste safe and safely dispose of it in a correct manner.

The waste management companies have a major responsibility on their shoulders to keep the world safe from several infections and diseases as it is all in their hands. They should keep a track of all the medical waste and should plan proper disposal of this medical waste. Dotless is working as the medical waste management company and it has planned several things to keep Dubai safe from such infections. It is working and performing to deal with the waste management in the UAE, and has several professionals that are trained very well to collect waste, store it in a correct manner and then finally dispose of it according to proper health rules.

Coming to the covid-19 again, we know that one of the major things that has become a part of our lives is the face mask that we have to use every day every time we are in contact with people. A major problem that arises in the regard of medical waste management is the disposal of these masks as people throw them anywhere without knowing the consequences of this thing. We, as a medical waste management company in Dubai, feel that it is very disturbing that the cause of someone’s very little act of carelessness, another person’s life is destroyed completely. Keeping this thought in view our major task is to spread awareness among the people in order to reduce the spread of covid-19 in in this pandemic. we should take maximum measures, despite being vaccinated. It is not confirmed yet that vaccinated people are not exposed to the hazard of covid-19. So, wearing a mask was a necessity before the arrival of covid-19 vaccine and is still a major necessity and a need of time to wear a mask can protect ourselves from this deadly virus.

After educating people and spreading awareness or doing our maximum effort to reach our target, our task is to make sure that each and every mask is properly disposed of and is not being a major life threat to another person.

Medical waste, being one of the major problems of the current era and a life threat to several people, should be managed properly and the companies working in this regard such as Dotless, should be promoted and supported by the government of the specific country where it is providing its services.

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